Phuong Bread Hoi An is opened in Korea

Phuong bread Hoi An is opened in Korea.

After the hot sauce of Thin Lo Duc in Japan, Hoi An’s famous bread of Hoi An continues to “cross the border” and is present in Korea.
Vietnamese cuisine is increasingly influential to international friends when famous dishes are opened in foreign countries.

Two months ago, the Vietnamese community was proud when Pho Thin Lo Duc made a storm in Tokyo (Japan) with people waiting in line to enjoy. In recent days, netizens have been fluttering when Hoi An’s famous bread was present in Seoul (Korea).

You are Phuong Hoi An mo Han Han, you have 160,000 dong
The bakery features the ancient town of Hoi An in the heart of Seoul
Ms. Phuong, the owner of Phuong An’s bread shop in Quang Nam, said that the restaurant was officially opened in Seoul from May 4 last. Quan brings Hoi An bold space in the heart of Korea. Prior to the official opening, Phuong went to Korea for about 10 days to instruct Korean chefs to make standard baking recipes.

The famous owner of the bakery adds, the first days of operation, each day, about 100 guests. Korean visitors come to enjoy a lot, including the cult stars of kimchi. avg free italiano gratis

When asked about the reason for choosing Seoul as the location to open a new facility, Phuong said: “In Hoi An, Korean customers visit the restaurant very crowded, accounting for about 40% of the visitors. They have very positive feedback on the dish. So, I decided to choose Seoul to add a shop “.

You have to pay a fee for Han Quoc, your family will have VND 160,000 / day.
Hoi An Phuong bread base in Seoul attracts many Korean customers to check-in and enjoy cakes. descargar ultraiso
The bread menu at the Korean facility retains the character of Phuong bread (Hoi An) in Vietnam like beef bread with eggs, grilled bread, mixed bread, chicken bread with cheese and salad, condensed milk bread. Cake price ranges from 7,000-8,000 won / unit (equivalent to 140,000-160,000 VND).

According to Phuong, the taste of Korean cakes is about 70-80% of the original flavor. In addition to bread glaze imported from Vietnam, the remaining ingredients are bought in Korea.

Phuong Hoi An bread has been praised by international media. Famous chef Anthony Bourdain also mentioned Phuong bread as “the world’s best bread”.

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